Pinnacle + Defy // 2018


There is such a great film-and-arts community in Nashville, and we feel it’s just getting started.

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We are filmmakers ourselves

and we know how difficult it is to make independent film. It requires an investment of time and commitment to the vision to see it through to the end. We take this same approach with Defy. We care about every single film we program, and want the audiences to take each film to heart.


3 Years of Defy

We started Defy Film Festival in 2016 to bring together filmmakers and Nashville audiences in a creative experience that will surprise and move them. We are gearing up for our third year, and each year, more and more filmmakers travel from all over the world to our festival in East Nashville to show their films and discuss them with our audiences. Each year, our attendance and reach grows.

2016 Recap Video

2017 Recap Video

Our festival takes place in August in East Nashville at Studio 615. In 2017, we screened 57 short films and 7 feature films over two days, on two simultaneous screens.

We have the Main Room which seats approximately 100-110 people and the Headphone Room, which seats approximately 35-40 people.

Our Theaters:
Main Room seats 100-110
Headphone Room seats 35-40

We are looking for local partnerships to help us build this festival into something stronger and even more wonderful.

When we approach a new sponsorship partner, we seek a mutually beneficial relationship. We look for the areas we need help the most, then see how we can turn that into a win-win for both of us. In our first two years, we have worked with some of Nashville's most beloved local brands and companies to bring Defy to life.


Where Defy needs help this year is seating and cushions. Our biggest issue has been seat comfort in our theaters. We rent cushioned chairs, but they don’t provide enough comfort for people to sit for hours at a time. We want audiences to comfortably stay for the events each day, talk about the films with new friends, and take part in the entire festival. As simple as it sounds, cushions will help us achieve this goal.


Our Proposal

We propose that Pinnacle sponsor the seating at a $2,000 investment in 2018. This includes $700 for chair rentals and $1,300 for 150 custom “Pinnacle Cushions." The cushions will be branded with the Pinnacle logo and placed on every chair. They’ll be seen by every attendee, all weekend long. In addition to this exclusive logo placement, Pinnacle will receive:


*2 weekend passes (unlimited screenings)
*4 tickets per day (one ticket = one feature film or shorts block)
*4 bottomless drink cups
*Logo and link on Defy website
*Logo projected between screenings in the Main Theatre
*3 social media shout-outs in August
*Logo and link in August newsletters


I have been working with Pinnacle for years, for both my personal and business banking. It’s clear that Pinnacle is a great local company that reaches out and cares about its community. Perfect fit for us.
— Billy Senese, Defy co-founder

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Thank you for your consideration.

Our hope is that our smart and ambitious audiences, made up of hundreds of Nashvillians and visitors to our town, will see your messaging all weekend and associate you with their own goals.

We want this to be a win-win-WIN:

A win for Pinnacle, a win Defy Film Festival, and a WIN for our crowds