Defy Film Festival


Filmmakers: Please submit your defiant, wild, weird, important, freaky, smart, silly films for the 2018 Defy Film Festival. 


Defy Film Festival is disruptive. It’s inspiring. It’s curating films for audiences that resist traditional processes to elevate experimentation and create conversations.

Our film festival aims to bring together filmmakers and fans in a creative experience that connects people with art that will surprise and move them.

It’s not about comedies, dramas, documentaries; it’s about the film — not the genre. Audiences can expect features and shorts that defy standards and expectations.


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Defy really feels like they invest in each film and have an attachment to it — there seems to be such a great film community in Nashville.
— Kevan Tucker, Filmmaker, "IDEAL"
There was something about East Nashville that felt like a place that was going to get what I was trying to do.
— Ben Kaplan, Filmmaker, "Living Like Kings"
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